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Yoga Block eco cork

Yoga Block eco cork

Our yoga block cork is a stylish and eco-friendly way to enhance your yoga practice. Made from 100% eco natural cork, this yoga block is environmentally friendly and helps prevent back and neck injuries. The cork construction makes the eco block yoga mat durable and sturdy, while the surface provides a comfortable grip. Use one or more blocks to help you balance your body and achieve the perfect yoga pose.

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Product description

The benefits of using a cork yoga block

Want to take your yoga practice to the next level? A cork yoga block is an essential tool for yogis of all levels. This simple tool can help you improve your postures, deepen your stretches and increase your flexibility. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using a cork yoga block.

The benefits of using a cork yoga block

A cork yoga block is an excellent tool to help beginners learn and master different poses. It provides support and stability so they can focus on their form without worrying about balance issues. In addition, they can hold the poses for longer than without the block, so they can take full advantage of each pose.

For more advanced yogis, a cork yoga block can also be incredibly helpful. It can be used as an extension of the body in poses like Warrior III or Revolved Triangle Pose, creating extra length that may not otherwise be attainable. Furthermore, it can also provide extra support for challenging inversions such as Handstand and Headstand. This can make it easier for practitioners to stay longer in these poses and still maintain proper form.

Cork is a great material for a yoga block

Cork is also a great material for making yoga blocks because it's sturdy yet lightweight and easy to grip with sweaty hands. In addition, its natural properties mean that it does not absorb sweat or bacteria as foam blocks do, making it easier to keep clean and hygienic during use.

A cork yoga block is an invaluable tool for yogis looking to improve their practice, regardless of skill level. The many benefits make it worth investing in a block - not only will you get more out of every pose with the extra stability and support, but the natural properties also make cleaning much easier than with foam blocks! So if you're looking for an easy way to improve your practice - consider investing in a cork yoga block today!


100% Cork



Color: Cork
Weight: 850 grams

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    Fast and friendly delivery.
    Very nice items for a good price.

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    Good product, nice stuff in the webshop and was able to pick it up immediately prior to the yoga class

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    Super fast delivery! Beautiful items for a great price, and a sweet personal note.

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