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Sage grove

Sage grove

Sage sticks cleanse your room and house of negative energy. In addition, the sticks have an antibacterial effect and keep bugs at a distance.

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Product description

Salvia apiana is the plant we are talking about. Burning sage or "smudging" is an old ritual of the shamans. This "sacred herb" cleanses your home through its antibacterial effect, but also rids your own spirit and space of negative energy.
That nothing you can't explain, but can feel. The "bad vibes" you feel when someone has just had a fight or when someone is not feeling well. The smoke from this dried plant knows what to do with it.

With these Sage Smudge Sticks your spiritual hygiene is in order!

Benefits of sage smudging are:

- Cleanses your home and objects from negative vibes
- Has an antibacterial effect and also keeps fungi and viruses at bay
- Even bugs, such as mosquitoes, stay away after burning sage
- It can promote sleep.
- Also has a relaxing effect


dried sage tied together



Additional Information Sage smudgestick
Quantity : 2 pcs
dimensions: 12.7 cm long
material: dried sage tied together

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  • Carla. S

    Fast and friendly delivery.
    Very nice items for a good price.

  • Jolene Banda

    Good product, nice stuff in the webshop and was able to pick it up immediately prior to the yoga class

  • Marc

    Super fast delivery! Beautiful items for a great price, and a sweet personal note.

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