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A yoga eye pillow is a therapeutic tool that can be used in many yoga sessions. This uniquely designed pillow offers several benefits such as its ability to reduce stress and tension, promote relaxation, soothe facial pain, promote sleep and induce deep meditation. 

What is an eye pillow?

An eye pillow or yoga eye mask can be a blessing for those who practice yoga and meditation. When meditating, the soft weight of the pillow on the eyes helps to relax and release tension, achieving a deeper state of relaxation. The pillow can also provide comfort in lying postures during yoga. 

Stress has many undesirable effects on the body, such as headaches, tension and restlessness. Taking steps to relieve such stress is key to good health. Eye pillows are the perfect accessory for relaxation and meditation. Filled with buckwheat and lavender, these 22cm oblong pouches fit comfortably over your eyes and brows. They spread a soothing aroma. The light weight of the bags helps to block light that can distract you from complete relaxation and a deep meditative state. There is something special about using eye pillows - they invite you to find comfort in being still and being mindfully present! 

Yoga eye masks are an incredibly useful tool in yoga classes. Even simple poses can be dramatically improved by adding them; for example, the popular savasana involves lying flat on the back in complete relaxation and mindfulness. Placing a meditation eye pillow over the eyes helps to deepen this effect even further, allowing for a deeper mental connection. Meditative practices such as yoga nidra and yin yoga also benefit from using these special pillows to eliminate external distractions and maximize rest. All in all, eye pillows are a powerful tool for reaching that inner blissful state of calm and mindfulness during certain yoga classes.

Soothing lavender

Eye pillows are a great way to melt away stress and tension and achieve maximum relaxation. Yoga eye pads not only provide physical comfort, but lavender's natural calming properties make it an ideal sleep aid, allowing you to drift off into dreamland with ease even after your practice. With its special combination of buckwheat and lavender, these eye pillows provide an unparalleled experience. The buckwheat ensures that the pillow fits comfortably over your eyes and is tailored to the shape of your face. The light is blocked so that you are not distracted by the environment. The eye pad is still light enough not to cause any discomfort. On the other hand, the lavender scent adds an extra soothing layer that helps lower stress levels - it's like taking a walk in a summer meadow! Lavender has long been used for its calming effect. With its heavenly aroma and perfect weight distribution, an eye pillow made of these materials is the ideal accessory for complete relaxation.

Tips for using your eye pillow

Creating the perfect environment is essential to getting the most out of your relaxation session with an eye pillow. Before you start, choose a comfortable place. Pay attention to every sensory detail - adjust the lights, put on soothing music and maintain a comfortable temperature. Once you're lying down with the eye pad in place, focus on your breathing. Find a rhythm that promotes complete rest - inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few counts, and release through your mouth. The pressure of the pillow relaxes. A yoga blanket is the perfect addition to a relaxation session with an eye pillow. It not only provides warmth, but also extra support for your body. 

Using an eye pillow during meditation, massage, healing or before sleeping encourages total relaxation, which is essential for the recovery of the body and mind. Whether you're looking for a natural way to rest or deep spiritual serenity, incorporating a lavender scented eye pillow into your routine could be just the thing!

Storage advice

It is important to store the pillow in an airtight container so that the scent does not fade. Even if the scent starts to fade, the eye pillow can still provide some relaxation. The outer side of the cushion can be washed. To do this, follow the instructions on the packaging.